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Sales & Business Coaching

What is Coaching
Coaching has been defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as “the job or activity of providing training for people or helping to prepare them for something.” This definition gives us a vague idea about the word but it misses out on the broader concept. Coaching is not merely providing someone a set of instructions to follow or giving guidance or tips to someone to help them for something. It is more involving process where the one providing the coaching has to play important part in transforming the coachee, so that a better form of cochee can evolve.
So, what is Coaching? Robert Hargrove describes coaching as “challenging and supporting people in achieving higher levels of performance while allowing them to bring out the best in themselves and those around them.” A coach is combination of a teacher, a mentor, a counsellor, a motivator, who understands the true potential of his students and through his experience and knowledge try to bring out the best version of them. A coach should understand his students and their objectives and accordingly approach each individual to encourage and inspire them to achieve great results and nurture them so that they can achieve their set objectives.
Why is coaching different from training or teaching? All these 3 terms are somewhat similar, the difference is “Approach”. While training and teaching focuses on telling people what to do and follow a standard set of rules in masses, coaching emphasises on individualistic approach as in coaching, the idea is to identify every individuals strength and weaknesses and work accordingly on them to get better results. It is more of minimalistic approach where each and every nitty gritty of doing things by each individual is assessed and improved accordingly.
What is Sales Coaching? Well in laymen terms, it is putting the essence of everything aforementioned towards sales. Sales coaching aims at making people understand how to make sales (that’s obvious), which means identifying the road blocks for individuals unable to make sales and then providing the solution! It’s tough to make sales when we are new in the field and do not understand your niche and target customer. We normally tend to try all sorts of hit and try strategies or something that’s working for others. While doing this we often miss the feedback or responses of the customers, which in turn, result in lack of knowledge of customer needs. And everything goes haywire from there! This happens because no two customer segments, needs and expectations will be same and well, our bosses are only concerned with targets.
What do we offer? We are a team of young and experienced professional who master in providing sales coaching to aspiring sales professionals looking to break through. With global presence and keen watch over the global customer segments, we have developed tools to understand the diverse niche in almost every market. While we work with experienced sales professionals to achieve better efficiency and results, we also help young professionals to polish their skill and get that first sale. So join us to boost your career to monumental heights and let us be your Ramakant Achrekar…!!!