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Organic Lead Generation Program

Being into online business, we know that leads are the very important factor. If we have qualified leads for our business we can make effective sales as well.
So one of my very best part of business is that i am into organic lead generation. But this is not important , important is that i do that organically without spending my money on paid ads or hiring someone to generate leads for me.
I use the most effective and trendy method of getting qualified leads for my all online business without use of following :
1️⃣❌No SEO
2️⃣❌NO Paid Ads
3️⃣❌No Websites
4️⃣❌NO Solo Ads
5️⃣❌NO Chatbots
6️⃣❌NO Banner Display
“And still i am able to get hundreds of Qualified Leads every week”