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Current Profession

Online Sales & Business Coach 

I am so much proud of being a sales and business coach where i help people who has started an online business and need help in execution process. i provide online training for that and also for the sales process as sales is an important part of business.

My online live training are completely strategies based which gives you a practical knowledge of a business execution and entire sales process.

Along with this online training program you can also get a mentor ship program as well where we have even one to one consulting facility.

Handwriting Analysis –

One of the best skill i have ever opted is this . and all thanks to my mentor LaruieAnn for this who mentored me in this amazing journey of science to understand the mindset of people by just seeing their handwriting.

Affiliate marketing –

I have Affiliate Marketing Program along with “Business Execution And Sales Training” which we call “B.E.S.T.” and this is a platform where people can earn while they learn. Very nice and synchronized learning process where anyone can learn the basics fundamental of how to start any online business and how to boost it making sales ( by learning the process of how to convert leads into sales effectively ) . This is an online training course designed by people who are already into any online business as well as for newbie.

With this affiliate program you get an amazing income source as you can get here upto 100% Affiliate Commission.

If you are willing to learn the best strategies to use social media to become a pro freelancer then this platform is for you .

You can contact us for more information.

Book Cover Creation –

Book cover designing is my hobby part which i do for only for the references and for this i somehow manage the time you can check it at

Podcast –

Partner in podcast again LaurieAnn and we have recently started “indo-canada series of podcast ” with the title of “sharing your thoughts” where we invite people from india and canada to share their amazing thoughts about their respective field. you cna check more details about at ( please check the podcast section on website )
Still i am so much willing to learn more and more . as i think learning is the best way to enhance your skills.