Let's talk before you answer. What is the one major obstacle you are facing in your online business? The basics of sales are one of the important factors in the business and sales process. Let's have a look. People often find so many things to do and execute when they start an online business, but why are the results not in the radius? Have you ever tried to find the loophole? Execution of a business and sales are both important and fundamental aspects for any business, and most of the time, these are missed or not applied by them. Potential reasons for this include just wanting to start a business being influenced, no one telling them about the basics, not wanting to learn themselves, going with the crowd, not working on self-analysis, driving with others' perspectives and thoughts, having a fixed mindset, and many more. As we always talk about the sales compass, once anyone is able to fix it or learn how to use it, these above-mentioned loopholes can be overcome. So, if you are really ready to learn the basics of sales with the right execution to boost your online business on the next level, the best platform to do so is recommended.

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Basic Module

Getting Started
$ 49
  • Basic of Business Execution & Sales
  • Concept of IGP (initial growth period )
  • Facebook Optimization
  • Posting methods on facebook
  • Concept of affiliate marketing
  • Lead generation using social media
  • Pitching method in business
  • Basics of " Basics Of Sales"
  • Why should someone buy your product
  • Know your business,customer & products
  • How to represent your business
  • How to build self - confidence

Intermediate Module

Take Off The Business Now
$ 97
  • Basics of communication funnel
  • Fundamentals of Basics Of Sales
  • Clients / Busienss relationship building
  • Finding pain area & challnages
  • 3 strategies of basics of sales
  • Sales closing startegies
  • Goal setting strategies
  • Time management
  • Facebook group domination
  • Facebook organics engagement strategies

BEST Signature Programe

Boost Your Business
$ 197
  • Understanding of how system works
  • Personal branding strategies
  • How to execute effective follow ups
  • Social media networking
  • Obejction understanding & handling
  • Professional profile creation
  • Personal mentorship
  • Landing page creation & execution
  • Facebook group domination
  • Lifetime facebook group access